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Business Law & Compliance Track

In today’s increasingly uncertain, yet heavily regulated business environment, professionals across a range of departments must understand how to navigate the law to minimize risk. As the costs of compliance increase1, firms are seeking more targeted risk management outcomes, including value-add compliance skills2. The online Master of Studies in Law, Business Law & Compliance Track is designed for all working professionals facing regulatory uncertainty. A wide-range of courses allows professionals to focus on the areas of law most relevant to their workplace and position.

The 30-credit Business Law & Compliance Track includes:

30 total credits in as few as 21 months (or up to 5 years).

Core Curriculum Courses


Track Courses

Choose 10.5+ credits

Elective Courses

Choose up to 6 credits

This list includes all courses within the Business Law & Compliance Track. Actual course offerings vary per semester.

1 Thomson Reuters Cost of Compliance 2017 Report
2 Id.

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