Master's Degree Tracks


The online MSL curriculum was developed by Wake Forest Law faculty in collaboration with industry leaders. With a focus on mitigating risk and addressing compliance in today’s increasingly complex legal and regulatory environment, the MSL Master’s Degree provides professionals with the tools to balance business needs with the legal requirements of their workplaces.

The 30-credit Master's Degree includes:

30 total credits in as few as 21 months (or up to 4 years).

Our online MSL courses are designed specifically for and uniquely tailored to working professionals. Students take only MSL classes, collaborating with their cohort and MSL peers, each providing relevant professional perspective. The MSL program also does not incorporate any JD courses or include JD students. The result is a strategic and enhanced lens with an immediately applicable set of tools, only possible through this level of coursework and professional collaboration.


Our Core Curriculum (required for each of our online MSL professional tracks) provides a broad yet focused foundation in the law and its relevance in the workplace. It includes the following four required 3-credit courses:

  • The Workplace: Its Legal Context (3 credits)
    The fundamentals of law for the workplace, with insight into the legal context of decision-making and risk management.
  • Public Law (3 credits)
    Regulatory law, including rule-making, the roles of different law enforcers and the role of the judiciary.
  • Private Law (3 credits)
    The relationship of contract, property, and tort law in private business and the economy.
  • Business Law and Literacy (3 credits)
    The legal systems governing relationships within for-profit business organizations.

The Core Curriculum Courses begin with an overview of the legal system’s role in today’s workplace, providing insight into the legal context of decision-making and risk management. Students explore the relationship of contract, property, and tort law in private business and the economy, along with the legal systems governing business structures and relationships. An entire course is devoted to the processes by which administrative agencies promulgate regulations and the roles of different law enforcers.

Master's Degree Tracks

The online MSL Master’s Degree tracks are designed with a focus on the complex legal and regulatory environments facing professionals today. The MSL Master’s Degree curriculum provides professionals with the tools and framework needed to efficiently and effectively navigate the law in their workplace.

Online Learning

The MSL courses are taught asynchronously through the Canvas learning management system, allowing students to schedule their work independent of time and place. Courses are divided into units and students progress through units each week, with regular assignment due dates, peer collaboration, professor interaction and feedback. Courses include pre-recorded videos and podcasts created and produced by the teaching professor and assignments focus on solving real-world problems.

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