Master’s Degree Tracks
Business Law & Compliance Track

In today’s increasingly uncertain, yet heavily regulated business environment, professionals across a range of departments must understand how to navigate the law to minimize risk. As the costs of compliance increase1, firms are seeking more targeted risk management outcomes, including value-add compliance skills2. The Business Law & Compliance Track is designed for all working professionals facing regulatory uncertainty. A wide-range of courses allows professionals to focus on the areas of law most relevant to their workplace and position.

The 30-credit Master’s Degree, Business Law & Compliance Track includes:

30 total credits in as few as 21 months (or up to 4 years).

Business Law & Compliance Concentration Courses

The MSL Business Law and Compliance curriculum is designed specifically for and uniquely tailored to working professionals needing to navigate the web of oversight in highly regulated industries. Students take only MSL classes, collaborating with their cohort and MSL peers, each providing relevant professional perspective. The MSL program also does not incorporate any JD courses or include JD students. The result is a strategic and enhanced lens with an immediately applicable set of tools, only possible through this level of coursework and professional collaboration.

Concentration Courses may include:

Other Electives (Choose up to 6 credits)

Our online MSL allows students the flexibility to choose elective courses of interest both within and across professional tracks, providing depth and breadth of knowledge. Courses may include:

1 Thomson Reuters Cost of Compliance 2017 Report
2 Id.

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